Accounting has been a very demanding career choice for a very long time now, and viewed as a stable career, that offers many opportunities. Usually, accountants commit to years of continuous professional development to become an associate chartered accountant or chartered accountant, and as such, accounting field makes for a strong career option for those interested in following path towards challenging and decent career opportunities.In this blog we aim to show you where an accounting career can take you, why you should think about going into accounting, and from where you get started. We will also find out some of the various career opportunities in accounting, and how to develop your accounting career if you already work in this filed.

Discover Life of an Accountant

Where to start your accounting path?

As we discussed earlier, accounting is a reliable career choice with good career progression. The path towards success is very well structured, with accounting trainings being a key driver for career development. With dedication and hardworking, climbing the corporate ladder is straightforward compared to other career that follow a less structured approach.Skilled accounting professionals are frequently in-demand in the industry, now more than ever. Many organizations are continuing to find ways to improve their efficiency. There is always a high demand for skilled accountants across a wide range of companies in different market sectors, making this a stable career option.If you are willing in starting or pursuing a career in accounting, you may be wondering how to get into accounting. There are several different ways to get into accounting, and not all paths require a degree or previous knowledge of finance or bookkeeping. However, do your research to make sure you choose the best accounting trainings to give you the best chance of gaining an entry-level job role. After that, you can then start continuing your accounting studies and, if you desired, climb the corporate ladder into managerial designations.Professional Career’s account assistant training is some of the most popular training courses for those looking to build their career as an accountant. Here are 5 reasons why you should take an accounts assistant course. We also offer other accounting trainings that can help take you to the next level of your career.

What are the career opportunities in accounting?

Contrary to popular belief, people who study accounting go on to fulfil a wide range of roles, and not everyone will work purely as an accountant after securing accountancy qualifications. There are many different roles in which accounting courses which are highly beneficial.

These include the following roles

Chartered Accountant
Once you complete the compulsory education to attain chartered status, you can officially claim the title of Chartered Accountant. Your path to this level includes undertaking CIMA qualifications, for instance the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting, CIMA Professional Qualification Operational Level, CIMA Professional Qualification Management Level, and CIMA Professional Qualification Strategic Level. As a Qualified Chartered Accountant, you may work within an accountancy firm, as in-house accountant or a freelancer. There is a demand for Qualified Chartered Accountants across all industries.
Auditors have a very important role to play in checking a company’s accounts to check that finances are managed properly & correctly. Auditors are responsible for an advisory function to ensure that companies know how their financial health & record will be audited.
After developing your accounting skills, you might find that your skills mean you are suited to a profession as a Stockbroker. Stockbrokers usually make their money from handling investments, either for individual clients or as part of a company. Although a career as a Stockbroker can be risky, this can be a highly lucrative career.EconomistEconomists can work within a range of organizations. As an Economist a lot of your career will depend of capturing data and research & develop matters that affect the economy. You will typically present your findings in reports and presentations.
Financial Adviser
Financial Advisers are responsible for advice clients about the best ways of handling their money. As a Financial Adviser, you will have a portfolio of clients who come to you for advice on different services and financial products.

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In conclusion, accounting is a valued and stable profession, and there is a wide range of opportunities that skilled accountants can take advantage of.To get started on your accounting journey, view our full range of finance and accounting courses. Alternatively, call us on +44 7405776823 to speak to one of our Career Consultants today, to discuss your career goals or get started.

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